STONEHENgE carries on its trend of presenting a new brand each year with the collaboration

with the Victoria & Albert Museum for the V&A Collection.


The Victoria and Albert Museum is a world renowned art and design museum located in London.

Established in 1852, the museum is the largest of its kind, holding around 2.7 million pieces of art from all around the world,

which span over 5,000 years from the prehistoric age to modern times.


This collaboration is the first license project in Korea,

presenting a jewelry collection inspired by classic laces from the Victorian Era. Such laces include the Honiton and the Nottingham lace.

The 18th~19th century’s native patterns include dragonflies, butterflies, leaves, and petals which are all included on the laces.

This motive has been implemented on our STONEHENgE gold jewelries with the finest craftsmanship.


The V&A collection’s signature piece which Shin Min Ah wears, shows a very mystic but feminine pattern on the lace.

The earring is styled as a front back earring which is a STONEHENgE signature design, with thin chains and twinkling glitters when the stone moves.

The bracelet and ring has a fixture lock in order for the piece to closely adhere to the skin

and is delicately set with white and black CZ to resemble a lace tattoo for a simple but stylish sense.


  • T0433
  • T0402