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Collection and Use of Personal Information
Woorim FMG main site, Woorim Members site, Gallery O’Clock, STONEHENgE, Archimedes, Horologium
(hereinafter Woorim Family Site)

  • ① Woorim Family Site may collect selective, essential personal information from its members in order to provide useful and customized information. The gathered data will be used for such purposes as; identification of the user, quality of service, order reception, product delivery, payment, and to continuously improve our products, applications and services.
    • – Name, resident registration number, ID, password: For the verification of personal information when signing up.
    • – E-mail, telephone number: For delivering notifications, information regarding customer inquiries/services/events, or other relevant purposes requiring customer contact information.
    • – Address: For delivering notifications, bills, and the delivery of the product(s).
    • – Bank account number, credit card number: For payment of purchase(s).
  • ② When surveys or events are carried out, the Woorim Family Site may request additional information for the sole purpose of statistical analysis. The information which is collected will be used for the function of the service itself, and will not be used for any other intentions without the explicit consent of the user.
  • ③ Personal information provided by the members will be used solely for the purposes listed above, and if there are any changes in the scope of the information collected or utilized, the members will be notified in advance.

How long will Woorim keep and use personal information? How will Woorim delete and discard the personal information?br> In order to provide the necessary services, the Woorim Family Site has the right to hold personal information while the members are registered and using the site for products and services that are rendered.
However, in certain cases where the purpose of collection or the provided product/service is achieved, a withdrawal is requested according to the procedure written on the user’s agreement on the Woorim Family Site, or where membership is limited or suspended due to the disqualification according to the user’s agreement, personal information will be deleted immediately through a technical procedure which will not recycle (regenerate) the data and cannot be extracted or used for any further purpose. The Woorim Family Site will securely manage all personal information and destroy the data through a systematic process written below to prevent any possible leakage in the future.

  • -Records regarding contracts or subscription withdrawal: 5 years
  • -Records regarding payments and the supply of goods: 5 years
  • -Records regarding consumer complaints or the settlement of disputes: 3 years

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