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Angry Birds Meets STONEHENgE For Jewelry Collection

STONEHENgE carries out various collaborations every year under different themes,
and the Angry Birds Special Edition is among one of them.

STONEHENgE X Angry Birds Collaboration

The delightful and imaginative Angry Birds Special Edition is a game and a character brand well known throughout the world. Five of its most famous characters, Red, Chuck, Bomb, Blue, and Pig, the characters are reborn into necklaces and rings.

Based in 14K gold, colored CZ is used to express the features of each character, adding on to the original values of the characters. The collection was presented in limited editions in 2014 and was completely sold out.

Angry Birds Limited Edition Launch

Each of the characters’ beak, eyebrows, pupils, etc., is expressed with lively details. The main character, Red, is created with a rose gold base, with synthetic ruby for its face, white gold and black spinel gemstone for its eyes and eyebrows, and yellow gold for its beak, which combined into a casual and shiny necklace.

The green toned Pig is reborn as a ring, with its face, teeth, and the stolen egg being expressed with a vividly colored CZ. Bomb is created with black spinel gemstone to become a necklace while the yellow bird Chuck and blue bird Blue is created with a respective colored CZ to become a necklace and ring.