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Fairtrade Gold was first introduced in the UK in 2012,
and STONEHENgE is the first brand in Asia to release products with the Fairtrade Gold Certification.

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Jewelry made of Fairtrade Gold refers to jewelry that has been crafted using gold traded under strict conditions of fair trade.

Fairtrade Gold products are stamped with a certified label, a label strictly controlled by standards under the World Fair Trade Organization. This label guarantees that the gold used in the product has been excavated under fair conditions, justly paying the laborers for their work.

The Fairtrade Gold used in STONEHENgE products is excavated from Peru. Unlike other gold, Fairtrade Gold goes through a very particular and strict process for manufacturing, so a premium is put on the price of the gold. This includes a lot of support for the laborers such as better working/residential conditions, education, etc. In order to lead and spread this form ethical business, the price for all STONEHENgE products are set at the current standard market price of gold.

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Compassionate Celebrities & Fairtrade Gold.

Leading the way in noblesse oblige, the engagement ring crafted for Prince William and Prince Middleton of the UK was specifically created using Fairtrade Gold.

Actor Colin Firth’s wife, the creative director of the eco-friendly brand Eco-Age, was also spotlighted for wearing jewelry from Fairtrade Gold during the Academy Awards.

  • Gold is more valuable when it is fair 페어트레이드 골드에 공정거래된 캐나다 다이아몬드가 세팅된 커플링으로 진실된 사랑을 약속하세요.

Celebrating the precious moment with fair trade gold pendant

Gold jewelry made by Fair Trade Gold will give special value to everyday life with its special meaning.

Simple round pendant necklace with Canadian diamond setting is the perfect gift, not only for lovers celebrating a special moment, but for family, friends and loved ones.

Celebrate your happy moment with STONEHENgE’s Fair Trade Necklace.

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