The Harmony of Classic Art & Jewelry

The STONEHENgE Masterpiece Collection is a special collection available as a limited edition, under a new theme of products each year. It is a commemorative-heritage-high jewelry art piece expressing the brand’s identity of ‘unchanging beauty’, and reveals the short but creative history and the development of the brand’s core values.

Unlike the regular products on sale, the collection uses 18K gold, diamond, and many other natural gemstones. The designs have been through an extensive and rigorous process at the STONEHENgE design lab in order to create the masterpieces by the expertise of Korea’s finest master craftsmen; Lee Du Young, Lee Soon Yong, and Kim Yong Hee.

The theme of the collection in 2012 and 2013 was ‘ballet’, a representative genre of classic.
In 2014, the theme was a reinterpretation of classic fairy tales, reenacting the original and fantasy world of timeless stories.
In 2015 the theme was ‘LOVE & ANIMALS’, a collection inspired by the love stories of many animals in the diverse environment throughout the world.