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About The Company
With an extraordinary portfolio of carefully managed brands and operation know-how of Korea’s distribution network, Woorim FMG (Fashion Marketing Group) has grown to become a mainstay of Korean fashion culture. For nearly 30 years, Woorim FMG has developed into a global player in the distribution of watch brands by demonstrating itself as the leader in Korea. Through the emphasis on change, innovation, and passion, Woorim has diversified beyond its watch & jewelry business into the entertainment and F&B industry. Woorim FMG has dedicated its mission to continuously adapt as a culture creating company bringing fashion and style into our everyday lives.
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Fashion Business

  • STONEHENgE / Beautiful Moments

    The term Stonehenge originated from Britain’s prehistoric monument, symbolizing mystery, power and endurance. The design includes a celestial observatory function, which might have allowed the prediction of the eclipse and other celestial events. The Stonehenge brand aims to pursue the ideologies within the eternal mysteries synonymous to Britain’s ancient prehistoric monuments.

    Stonehenge jewelry reinterprets the sacred prehistoric monument with a modern approach of a ‘simple & clean’ design concept and a beautifully defined jewelry line. Ultimately, the brand projects an image of sophistication and elegance in all of its designed jewelry pieces. The Stonehenge jewelry collection offers unique lines which include

  • Gallery O’Clock / The first multi-brand watch boutique

    Gallery O’Clock Korea’s very first multi-brand watch store. Based on a portfolio of the best brands, you can find watches with tradition, functionality and quality as well as the design which reflects a keen sense of luxury fashion house. There approximately 70 shops in operation including all major department stores in Korea such as Lotte, Shinsegae, Hyundai, and Galleria.

    Gallery O’Clock offers luxury fashion watches that are chic, stylish and elegant. These timeless pieces are defined by its deep tradition, high quality and state of the art technology. At affordable prices, each brand embodies a unique style and portrays a sensuous design through careful craftsmanship.

  • JEUM/ The Jewelry Museum

    JEUM is inspired by the words Jewelry & Museum and incorporates the letters “Je and um” into the brand. JEUM ultimately provides the ideal setting for beautiful and elegant jewelry for individuals to enjoy and appreciate like art in a museum.

    Among JEUM’s brands include the French brand “Trois Rois”, the feminine and classic style brand “Rosemont” and the luxury fashion brand “Aigner.” JEUM aims to exhibit and provide signature style jewelry that people find unique and attractive throughout all our shops.

  • Patek Philippe

    In 1839, a Polish immigrant named Antoine Nobert de Patek went to Geneva, Switzerland to make pocket watches. Then in 1845, he partnered with the French watchmaker Jean-Adrien Philippe who invented the key-less winding mechanism. They founded the Patek Philippe & Co. in 1851, and pioneered the perpetual calendar, split-seconds hand and the chronograph
    To this day, Patek Philippe watches are considered to be the most prestigious watch brand among experts and watch enthusiasts. The Henry Graves Supercomplication and the Caliber 89 among the most complicated and expensive watches ever made. Throughout Patek Philippe’s history, its superior craftsmanship has been revealed by past owners such as Queen Victoria, Victor Emanuel III of Italy, and Pope Pius IX to name just a few. Perhaps one can understand the motto, "You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation” truly portrays how the value of a Patek Philippe watch continues to appreciate over time. For 175 years, Patek Philippe has revolutionized and pioneered the watchmaking industry constantly innovating itself and crafting the greatest watches in the world.

  • Chopard

    The House of Chopard was originally founded in 1860 by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in Sonvilier, Switzerland. For over 150 years, Chopard has been at the forefront in innovation and Swiss technology recognized by the world as a leader in high jewelry and watchmaking.

    In 1976, Chopard introduced its signature Happy Diamonds collection and the creation of the first Happy Diamond watch which features mobile diamonds that float between two sapphire crystals. Ever since then, the “moving diamonds” design has been a part of Chopard’s DNA along with 45 various unique design elements. Chopard has been commended continuously for its excellence in craftsmanship and the highest standards in watchmaking over the years.


Movie Business

  • Film Train/ Investment for the future success of Korean film production

    Film Train’s first initial investment was with Director Chan-Wook Park for the hit film “Old Boy.” Our prime objective is to strengthen and develop the Korean film industry by strategically investing and supporting the production process both domestically and internationally. Meaningful and awe inspiring global films such as “Samaria” by Director Ki-Duk Kim, “Lovers” by Director Zhang Yimou, and “Blue Swallow” by Director Jong-Chan Yoon, are the kinds of films which Film Train has invested in and wishes to pursue and continue to support in the future.

    Additionally, other noteworthy films which Film Train has successfully supported and directly produced are “Shim’s Family” in 2007 and “Girlfriends” in 2009 followed by the collaboration of “The Unjust” in 2010, “Run To The South” in 2012 and “Man In Love” in 2013.