What is the warranty period of each product?

You can register for after-sales services by visiting a STONEHENgE store near you with a warranty booklet. Typical repair time takes around 2~3 weeks. Repair times may differ depending on the product, so the exact date can be consulted at the store while registering. (Some products may not be available for after-sales service repairs or depending on the parts available, repairs may be delayed.)
In the case of watches, any problems due to mechanical failures or defective parts are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of purchase, charge-free. However, if the cause of the failure is not caused by parts or the assembling process but rather by the customer or if the product is purchased from a store that is not acknowledged by the head office, then it will be excluded from being guaranteed.
If the product has been repaired at a location other than the designated service center or store, then the warranty will be lost even during the warranty period. So please make sure to repair the purchased product at designated stores and service center.

Is there a difference when purchasing products from online malls?

The products sold online and offline are the same. However, there may be a difference in price due to the different promotions available online and offline.

Is it possible to order 14K products as 18K?

14K gold products are also available in 18K gold. Some products such as the dancing stone or products with special chains may be excluded.

I would like exchange or refund a purchased product.

If the product is in the same condition to when it was purchased, it may be exchanged or refunded at the store it was purchased.

Is it possible to receive after-sales services without a warranty booklet?

Even if you do not have the warranty booklet, we can help to check your date of purchase, place of purchase, the name of the purchaser and contact information to help you have the information ready for after-sales services.

What is the average duration and cost of the after-sales service?

For standard items (polishing, soldering), free of charge repair is available one time within the first year of purchase. After that, the repair cost would be 15,000 KRW.
For gold, rose gold products, repairs are available free of charge regardless of when it was purchased. (If the product is damaged, it may not be possible to repair it. There is a cost for line replacements/remanufacturing)
(Event products) Within the first month of purchase, the one time repair cost is 12,000 KRW. Repair costs may differ depending on the degree of the damage, so if you visit a store, you can consult to receive a more detailed after-sales service cost. Watch repairs, including battery replacements, will take around 15~20 days. Battery replacements cost 20,000 KRW and other repairs may differ so please contact the store for further information.

What are the after-sales service, exchange, and refund policies for products purchased through online malls?

You may register to receive after-sales services by visiting the nearest physical store with a warranty booklet. For exchanges and refunds, you need to register through the online mall within the first week of purchase.
It is not possible to exchange products purchased online in an offline store.

What are the after-sales service, exchange, and refund policies for products purchased at duty free shops?

You may register for after-sales services by visiting our nearest duty-free shop or department store shop. Refunds can be made at the place of purchase within two weeks of receiving the product and exchanges are only available when exchanged with the same product. (In case of the Incheon Airport store, products can only be exchanged or refunded when departing again.)

Is their an engraving service available?

Certain items can be engraved with the cost of 10,000 KRW. Even after purchasing a product, you may get items engraved at the nearest store as part of the after-sales service repair.

Are gift wrapping services available with purchases?

A free of charge packaging service using the STONEHENgE logo box, ribbon, and shopping bag is available in-store with each purchase.
However, for products purchased online or at duty-free shops, packaging services may not be available depending on the mall and duty free policies.

Which ring sizes are available?

The standard sizes we offer for our rings are 11 for women and 17 for men (Korean ring size). Other sizes can be made to order.
Each product has different sizes that they are available in. Please contact the store for further details.