Product Exchange and Repair Regulations

After the purchase of a product, it may be exchanged at a STONEHENgE store once within the first 7 days and the purchased product must be checked to be free of any defects.
You cannot exchange or return pre-worn products, custom made items(customized ring size, necklace length, color change etc.), or other variations. If inevitable, you must pay a fee of 10% of the consumer price.
When exchanging or refunding, please bring the ‘Guarantee Card’ booklet and purchase receipt.
*If you are refunding a product purchased during a gift with purchase event, then you must return the gift as well.
We are not responsible for compensating any products that are damaged due to consumer negligence or products past the warranty period so please read the ‘Usage Manual’ and ‘Stone Handling Precaution’ carefully. If repairs are possible, paid repairs are available.
However, paid repair may not be possible for products with restricted supply or products that are difficult to repair due to the nature of the material. (Brass material products are not available for repairs asides from stone related repairs.)
Repairs are charged differently depending on the degree of damage, and repairs may be delayed or replaced depending on the parts supply situation.
If a problem occurs with a product, we apply the consumer damage compensation policy based on 2016-15 of the Ministry of Finance and Economy Notice.
You can receive repair free of charge if defects occur due to parts or the manufacturing process within the guarantee period.
If the product has been repaired by a different company or if the design has been changed, the product cannot be serviced. Also, we do not service products from other companies.
When requesting for after-sales services, you must bring the ‘Guarantee Card’ booklet.
When receiving the product that has gone through the after-sales service, be sure to check with the store staff for any abnormalities of the product.
STONEHENgE’s obligation for keeping products that have been repaired is up to one year from the date received from the customer. We are not responsible for any storage problems that arise thereafter. br> In the case of imported products, individual sales of sets are not allowed.
After being received into the after-sales service, the transfer date may be delayed depending on the availability of imported parts and the product may not be in the same condition as the product at the time of purchase.
Domestic repairs take around 15 days, and overseas repairs can take around 3 months or more.

Warranty Service

We offer one free of charge jewelry repair within a year of purchase for gold and silver products, and within 1 months for all other products (non-gold, silver products). This includes but is not limited to plating, polishing, soldering, missing cubics and more.

Customer Service Center

Operational Hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00
(Lunch Break 13:00 ~ 14:00 / Closed: Sat., Sun., holidays)

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