news letter terms and conditions

Collection and Use of Personal Information for Newsletter Subscription Service Woorim FMG main site, Woorim Members site, Gallery O’Clock, STONEHENgE, Rosemont, Trois Rois(hereinafter Woorim Family Site)

① Woorim Family Site may collect e-mail address in order to provide useful and customized information below.
– E-mail : For delivering notifications, information regarding customer inquiries/services/events, or other relevant purposes requiring customer contact information by Newsletter Subscription Service.

② Retention and use of personal information
- The Company will retain and use your personal information only for the duration of the service. If the purpose of collection and use is accomplished or the period of use and retention ends, we will destroy the personal information without delay.

③ Personal information provided by the members will be used solely for the purposes listed above, and if there are any changes in the scope of the information collected or utilized, the members will be notified in advance.

④ Matters concerning the consent and refusal to collect and use personal information
- [Newsletter Subscription Service] Applicants have the right to refuse collection and use of personal information in principle. However, if you decline the consent, you will not be able to receive emails.
- You can refuse collection and use of personal information through the unsubscribe function of the mail sent through [newsletter subscription service].